The Lumberjack

When I sweat, it smells like sawdust

The Lumberjack Style


Nothing says a man like dirt on his face, sweat on his brow, and a burly beard that may or may not be inhabited by small wildlife. If you plan on walking into the public, we plan to help you with that. The lumberjack style takes your inherent manly scruff and tidies you up; we’re talking clean edges, face, brow and all over trims.

Product used for this style

The Shave products
Fresh Wood

This ain’t no tree sap, but it’s close. Long lasting, 8 hour hold for those important nights out, our Sandalwood Mousse will keep you looking and styling strong.

The Shave products
Super Fresh
Fresh Scent

Let the ladies get in close with our super fresh scent aftershave, which we promise is not as strong as you are.

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