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The Shave offers every facet of trim, cut and shave services. We are a highly skilled team of hair crafts-people with a penchant for perfectly groomed gents and a service-first mission to leave our clients looking their best.

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Beard & Mustache

Stash craft

The perfect trim/blade shave or subtle grooming to your stache is minutes away with our expert mustache craftsmen, Jake and Noah, who make men out of those upper lip-warmers.

The Shave

Take it ALL off! Or not, your choice. Whatever you decide, our team of highly skilled masters of the blade will leave you feeling silky smooth. View our gallery to be facial beast-taming inspired.

A real haircut

We’ve been cutting hair for 20 years, and like that bottle of scotch in your liquor cabinet, you’d better believe we’re getting better with age. Trust your hair in our chairs; we’ve got the gallery to prove it.

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